Is Social Media Changing The Way We Parent?

I’m a member of a Facebook group that is for mums to ask advice, share recommendations and make connections with other mums. This particular group currently has over 15, 000 members.  What I find amazing is what we are asking each other on social media. When my mum was parenting social media did not exist so she had to use her own common sense, rely on family and close friends for advice and most importantly would seek medical advice from a GP.

The question I’m asking is, was it a harder not to have information and advice at the stroke of a keyboard or was it a blessing not to be judged for every parenting decision?

What I have noticed is that with endless feedback from social media, mums are asking all sorts of questions to complete strangers and they don’t seem to use their own initiative or intuition. What I find even sadder is that most of the posts begin with the comment “No negative comments please”.

I’m not criticising but rather curious about how much social media has changed the way that we parent, and more importantly has it made us more or less confident in our own parenting skills?  Is social media having a positive impact on us as parents? It is helpful to have so many opinions? Do we feel supported or judged?

On the positive side, social media has created an instant tribe to help us to raise our kids so we don’t feel alone. According to Dr Mike Troy medical director for behavioural health services at Children’s Minnesota, we are meant to raise our children in the context of community. Social media has defiantly created a sense of community. According to a survey conducted by Pew Research 75% of parents that use social media use it for parenting related information and social support.

On the negative side, an online study titled The National Motherhood Decisions Survey conducted by Mom Central and Similac found the 95% of mums feel they are judged on their parenting choices, particularly on whether they are being too strict or spoiling their child.

I would love to find out how you feel about social media and parenting by taking the poll below.




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